Solo Exhibition

April 22, 2019
1104 Oak St. Syracuse, NY, 13203

Flowerbility, but the flower is not crucial. The style and format of them are what matters.

Creating them on iPad and laptop allows me to design quickly and freely; however, it is also a limitation that requires more creative solutions. Besides, because they are all digital, not similar to other traditional paintings or artworks, they are all replaceable and duplicatable.

Because I made these flowers just for myself, I want to try something different, something that I have never done before. Doing things that you are good at is easy, but not rewarding. Sometimes you need to take risks to explore the territory that you are not familiar with.

Pushing further, you don’t need to be perfect, because no one is perfect. So, try something new. Maybe you will find another possibility.

When you look closely at the date on the key page, you will find that some ideas took a few days to get, while other ideas take months, and the later, the harder.

So, what will be next?