The History of Hendricks Chapel

Design Project

How design artifacts support spiritual and emotional wellbeing?

1. Design Problem

Hendricks Chapel has a long and beautiful history in the last 89 years. However, many students in our university are not familiar with it. Students who do not have a specific faith might be afraid to go to the Hendricks Chapel because they don’t know whether they are welcomed there.

Figure 1. Real Photo of the Actual Effect of the Projection.

2. Theoretical Grounding

As my classmate, Frank, mentioned in his research, telling history is vital in spiritual design. Knowing the history of Hendricks Chapel, students could build a relationship with Hendricks Chapel and build a sense of belonging with the Syracuse University campus.

Figure 2. Sketch of a Fram in the Video.

3. Design Process

First, I proposed my idea to the class and Dean Konkol. Then, I visited the Syracuse University Archive in the Bird Library to take some pictures of old photographs of Hendricks Chapel. After I got Dean Konkol’s permission, I started to make the video. I also interviewed some staff working at Hendricks Chapel. Finally, I refined the details of the video and finished it.

Figure 3. Sketch of the Installation of the Projectors.

For the projection of the video, I borrowed a big projector from the Transmedia Cage and tested the projector in front of Hendricks Chapel. I found that the text in my video is clear enough on the exterior of Hendricks Chapel, but the images are not very clear.

The video begins from 1929, the year of the establishment of Hendricks Chapel. It introduces the primary purpose of Hendricks Chapel and when and how it changed through in the last 89 years. The video also shows some special event held at Hendricks Chapel.

Figure 4. Equipment Required for the Event.

From the video, students ought to know that Hendricks Chapel welcomes people of all faith today. The video also mentioned that worship, lectures, concerts, discussions, etc. are held in Hendricks Chapel today.

Figure 5. Screenshot of the Video Editing in Final Cut Pro X Software.

4. Users and Audience

This project tries to reach students who are not familiar with Hendricks Chapel, in particular, those who have never been to the chapel before. The audience of the video would be all the students at Syracuse University who are interested in the Hendricks Chapel.

Figure 6. Rendering Image of What the Projection Will Look Like When All the Ambient Lights Are Turned Off.

5. Critical Analysis

In the research phase of this project, I tried to contact the author of the book, Hendricks Chapel: Seventy-five Years of Service to Syracuse University. The book is a very important source of the history of Hendricks Chapel. However, I couldn't contact the author. It would be very beneficial if I can interview the author personally.