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Communication is vital to teams in the workplace, especially for design teams that work remotely. This project tries to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of remote communication between team members who work in different locations.


With the development of globalization, it is increasingly popular that people need to communicate with other team members and other teams who are in different cities or counties. Moreover, at the moment of the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), teleworking is required as necessary as never before.

Body Language

Because body language is crucial to communication, this design focused on delivering as much body language as possible to other users through the screen. Moreover, due to the large size of the screen, you can see others at their life-size scale. Therefore, you will have a feeling that your team members are working next to you.


You can set a digital door on your screen to keep your privacy when connecting to others. You can choose a door without a window, a door with a transparent window, a door with a frosted glass window, or a transparent door, etc. You can also set a filter to your voice.

Informal Communication

Portal lives streams multiple places at the same time. As long as you and your team members are in the offices, you can see others on the screen. Many people who work remotely only have formal meetings with their teams in a scheduled time. With the Portal, you can have informal communications easily.

Why not VR/AR?

VR and AR technology is booming. The ability to see and interact with others through a headset is fascinating. However, does VR, AR, or MR goggles really the best way for teams to communicate? –––– Maybe not.

First, people need to wear a headset whenever they want to see and talk to others. It requires extra action before people start to communicate. Second, instead of seeing the real image of other people, users can only see their avatars. The avatar negates so many details of the person, such as their posture, body movement, gestures, and subtlety of appearance. People might reduce the number of times they communicate, let alone informal chats. This kind of goggles significantly increases the cost of communications. Therefore, this project will not use any goggles.

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