Behind the Scenes

Life-Size Models

Designing and testing the prototypes on life-size scale is crucial. Many design decisions in this project (for instance, all the considerations on physical reachability) are based on life-size scale models. This is how I use projectors and screens to test the prototypes.

^ First prototype, projector, PVC tube, paper

^ First prototype, laser projector, PVC tube, paper

^ Second prototype, laser projector, wood, rear projection material

Green Screen

This is how I direct, act, shot, edit the intro video all by myself (during quarantine).

^ This photo was also taken by myself!

iPad Sketches

Working digitally helps me think fast, keep organized, and share with others easily. This is a storyboard and the script of the intro video that I drew on my iPad.


Yes, this entire website was also coded by myself.

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