You Said


How does one package an emotion? Is this possible?

My emotion is anticipation. I want to encourage people to start to do something meaningful. Do something that they have the most passion. Stop complaining. Make a change now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t have regrets.

My undergraduate major was Water Supply and Drainage, but my true passion is design. Changing a major is difficult, especially from engineering to art. However, here I am. I made it. Therefore, I want to encourage others to make an effort.

First, I wrote some sentences that I really want to say on cardboards. Second, I asked people in different age groups and from different nations to hold one or two boards. After I shot a few seconds video of them, I recorded their voice. Next, I used the app GarageBand to create the background music for the video. Then, I edited the video on my laptop. Finally, I shared this video with my professors and classmates, as well as some friends who participated in this video.

I believe the result is great. People feel a strong emotion after watching this video. I believe that people will change their mind and start to do something, even though it is just a little.